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A Welcome from the 学术事务 Staff

We would like to welcome you to ETBU, an institution of higher learning now entering its second century. Sitting atop the highest point in 马歇尔 in the piney woods section of East Texas, ETBU is frequently referred to as the light on the hill.  This is literally true but more importantly, it is a reference to the words of Jesus who challenged his followers with these words, "Let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father."

You will find that ETBU is a friendly, personal, learning community.  We understand at ETBU that learning requires involvement to be really effective, and ETBU is a great place to get involved.  This includes internships, service opportunities, being on athletic teams, performing in fine arts performances, leading in chapel services, and participating in many clubs and activities. 

Our goal at ETBU is not merely to help you get a degree.  It is more than a place to develop lifelong friends and have a great time.  Our goal is to help you develop into a leader that will make a difference in the world.  We are here to walk alongside you and support you as you prepare for the journey that God has in store for you. 


姓名/名称 部门 电话
Mr. 布兰肯希普文斯
助理教务长, Adult and Graduate Studies
Assistant Professor of 成人教育
弗兰克年代. Groner School of Professional Studies 903.923.2002 发送消息 查看简历
Ms. 伊丽莎白思考
Associate Professor of Library Sciences
学术事务 903.923.2074 发送消息 查看简历
Dr. 托马斯•桑德斯
Provost and Vice President
Professor of Christian Ministry
埃德温·F. and Mary Prince Moore Chair of Business Professor
学术事务 903.923.2075 发送消息 查看简历
Administrative Assistant
学术事务 903.923.2037 发送消息 查看简历
Ms. 费利西亚泰勒
学术事务 903.923.2040 发送消息 查看简历